Sunday, December 14, 2008

How many times can you see Santa?

Is there a rule on how many times you can go see Santa, whether at the mall or elsewhere.. Does it give the kids a bad view of Christmas? We saw Santa down at a fundraiser but Kyla was in one of her moods...And she wanted nothing to do with him. So we got this picture!..

But we then went to the mall today and she wanted to go see him again and promised to smile this time around. But Santa was going to dinner so we missed him. But we told them we would go back and take their picture again with Santa since she was too shy this night to tell him what she wanted. So I guess in certain circumstances you can see him more than once...

Sunday, December 7, 2008

So big so fast

Addy is just growing like a weed. She is almost rolling over.. She tries sooo hard and then stops..sighs... and lays sprawled out on the floor.. temporarily giving up. She is also doing her daily crunches.. and trying to sit up. I just can't believe how fast they grow and change. The kids.. still love her to pieces and help me as much as they can. Jaden is obsessed with the Utah Jazz and Kyle Korver..
It is pretty cute. He thinks he is pretty cool getting to see and talk to Kyle at church now and then. He is going to school and has his best friend Jaxon who is the shortest kids in the class where Jaden is the tallest!! And then there is Kyla..
WHO loves her Grandma & Grandpa Roestenburg and wants to spend the night there all the time. She is mommy's little diva. And loves to wear dresses all the time. She comes to work with me on some days and is such a little helper.. They are soo excited for Christmas and had soo much fun decorating the tree that is now FULL of ornaments!!
And did I mention Addy has found her hands? I try and take pictures and all she wants to do is look at how cool her hands are!! Very funny