Wednesday, July 9, 2008

4 Year old perspective...

This is what I found while downloading some pictures. Kyla had taken my camera and snapped some photos. This is how a four year old sees the world

Than this is what happens when she likes to see pictures of herself.

The small things that entertain little children. It blows my mind the amount of money we pay for toys or movies or things.. and just give them a box or a roll of paper. They could be entertained for hours.. And what has happened to imagination. I tell you what.. my kids have not lost it.. but so many kids have and it saddens me.. That is how great minds are challenged. I will forever and ever encourage my kids to use their imagination and they can be ANYTHING!

Monday, July 7, 2008


Oh my, is all I can say. Went down to Yuba lake for the fourth and will NEVER go back.. The wind down there is awful. It was windy ALL weekend, and when I say windy.. I mean close to sandstorm windy.

Not to mention all the things that went wrong.. First our friends Rory and Cristina's boat decided to break down, so my dad's boat that we had towed them to Eagleview camp site. Thursday was actually an ok day, if it had stayed like that it would have been perfect. (but it didn't)
Then our air mattress... the one way I can camp at 8 1/2 months preggo, had a hole in it and it didn't stay pumped up, the first night I woke up VERY sore.
Then, Friday we got some tubing in and some, but no wakeboarding. That night we went to heat up dinner and we forgot the attachment for the stove.. and then we tried our friends stove and it was too windy. SO we ate cold hotdogs, fruit and veggies!


We then decided if Saturday was that windy we were leaving.. for one we had to figure out how to put a dead boat on a trailer. So Saturday started out breezy, we stayed then when it was too late for us to say lets go.. the wind started up.. and for hours is blew, we stayed enclosed under our friends biminy while the kids watched movies, and played a little bit in the water. That same day their tent zipper broke, so the sand in their tent was almost more than the sand out of their tent.
But all in all.. we survived, we had a great trip with great friends and we won't ever forget it. And believe it or not.. I complained less than my hubby. We all made the best out of a raunchy situation. The kids had fun, we had fun, and we learned that we will never go back.. Out of the 5 trips we have been to Yuba,... 2 have been clear with no wind.. So we will try a new lake...

Yes this is what I went with.. Isn't she a hottie...
She is also one of the greatest women I know, very strong and so amazing!!!
Here is me.. assembling Smores at 34 weeks preggo.. and cute sassy Cristina!