Sunday, October 26, 2008

Halloween has Begun!!!

Sean, Jaden, Tierra, Addy and Kyla..(or Skeleton, Ninja, Black Fairy, Ladybug and Hannah Montana)

I do love Halloween.. It is so fun to dress up and just be silly. To be a kid again I just love it. .plus any excuse to have fun and party I am there.. This weekend we went to a carnival.. (a little hectic I won't lie) then we went to our good friends 30th bday party and Halloween party. Now I do have to say this is the FIRST year I have not decorated AT ALL for Halloween. I am a little bummed about it. It was just too hectic this year to pull it off. But I got to dress up at least once and that in and of itself made Halloween fun.
Mom as Raggedy Ann.... Dad as a personal trainer... And Joe as the Burger King!!

Growing up too fast

Yes time is about here...Addy will be 3 months shortly.. I can not believe it. Time just flies by. She is so smiley and such a good mellow baby.. and with my hectic life that is what I needed to not be committed to the psych ward.. Here is an updated picture. With an elephant from Grandma Mikey and sean made with love at Build a Bear.. Or as my kids say build an elephant...

Friday, October 24, 2008

LIttle girls and dressing up

I love that when little girls get together to play they almost ALWAYS dress up. I had a friends girls and they all dressed up in the cutest little dress ups. than I had another friends little girl and her and Kyla dressed up. I love it..
But I guess this is what I have to look forward to with Kyla and Addy when addy gets to walking age.. lol

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Growing up too young

Why is it when teenagers decide they want to be adults, they jump in and get pregnant. What a joke. We took this troubled girl and we loved her and we tried to help her and nothing worked. She is now pregnant and getting married to a 23 year old MAN.. The whole thing in my mind is sick. It is her parents way of not taking responsibility for her. That is why she ended up here in the first place. Then we find out information and I decided after all we have been through to share this information with this man and I get yelled at by my father in law and told to apoloize. Maybe the bigger thing to do is apologize, but when I believe the information, there is no reason to apologize. Especially with all we have been through and the things that have damaged my family. It is sad that people have to take sides with a liar.