Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A break

Wow, First semester of full time school is over! I think I survived. I am still checking to see if I will ever catch up on sleep. I am excited for the break, sort of wish I had the energy to go summer semester but I don't, so This is the beginning of kid time! This summer is going to be all about my kids! Yes all 5 of them! Since I will have the other 2 from time to time as well. I am so excited to make a to do, to visit list and check it off this summer! Last summer was awesome, but it was about me, it was my time to heal and I have the best 2 friends anyone could ask for Aimee and Amy are my Angels. And this summer will just be an extension from last, only Amy is having a baby and so she will be home for most the summer and I can spend all the time I can with my sister!! Love her dearly!!

Aww a break is soo what i needed, then to catch up on the neglected housework since I started school.. Here it goes!