Friday, February 26, 2010

Keepin Busy

Wow, does life ever slow down? I am now midway through my first semester at the University of Utah! Wow, is there ever a ton of work. But I am staying up with most of it and loving that I am acomplishing something!

I am still dating Mr Incredible. Yes he is amazing, I feel as if I am truly, finally loved for me and now what I can be. I love just hearing his voice and seeing his smile! We have so much fun together. Then you add the grundle(that is all 5 kids together) and we have a blast. Making dinners, playing, watching movies! It is Fab!

Then there is work, I am still at K2 and I love it, but I am praying to see if maybe I need something a little less time demanding :( sad times, but I know I will make the right choice.

Well that is me and my crazy life!!!