Sunday, October 10, 2010

quiet house..

I am sitting in my house.. It is quiet.. I am missing Devan, He is hunting, Missing my kids they are at their dad's house. just another hour or so and I can get them. I have been sitting on my butt doing nothing since I got home at 2.. I am beat.. Crazy busy weekend and Crazy busy day.. One of these days I will have the energy to clean my house and get something done.. But not today..

Friday, August 20, 2010

Mis interpreting?

Ok, I have been told it seems as though I still love Chris? NOT A CHANCE... The feelings I had in this post were very surface feelings and only for a moment. Just closing the door of my feelings I did have. That are gone and now i can move forward leaving the past where it is and living a full filled life of fun and joy... Something I lost when I was married. And regained after the divorce!!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

A new chapter

Well Chris was married yesterday. And I got to go on a much needed date with my honey. I am feeling ok about things. It is weird to think he is married to someone else. Not sure what the feelings are. DEFINITELY not jealousy, but it is weird to think one day you are with the one you will be with forever and the next they are with someone else. Even though I am happier than ever and I am being treated better than ever, still weird.

Now I am getting asked when I am getting married. Well I am in no hurry. I am with the one I want to marry and I know that when we both are ready it will happen. But after both of us being damaged by exes, that when we get married it will be right in God's eyes and he will bless us through our marriage.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Moving Forward

Well it has been 6 days since I found out my ex was taking the lead and gonna get married again. It is quite an interesting feeling to find out that type of news especially finding out second hand. Now I didn't need him to tell me or even expect him to call and get my blessing, but a simple text, email something, would have been respectful. Instead I get a phone call from a dear friend looking to find out if what she heard was true. Totally blind sided.. ugh, And not her fault by any means. But then, the emails, texts, phone calls start coming. Have you heard, we feel you should know, and the accusations about her, is she pregnant, is she making him... It is one thing after another. But hey, they will be married and that is that.

Now if you have ever been in this situation before, there can be a stream of emotion.
A- Hurt
B- Happy
C- Angry
D- Jealous
E- Sorry... for the girl

And many more, but they all come in at different angles over different things. I was soo mad at myself for being upset that it made me more upset. Angry even. But as I pray to God, I find myself thankful, that I have moved from that terrible situation, into the best situation of my life. Devan. He is giving, caring, loves me FOR ME! ( I know weird concept) I am so grateful that I have him in my life and plan on having him in my life forever.

Now the next question I am getting is when are you making the big step. My reply, when we know we are ready and can be committed to each other for EVER! I do plan on tying the knot one day and I believe that lucky guy ;) will be Devan. I can't see myself with anyone else but him. But we also want to be sure, and ready so that in 2 years we aren't divorced. If you jump into things, especially marriage, and you aren't ready it can cause a lot of problems.

So needless to say, I am happier than I have ever been, I have THE Most Amazing Man in my life ( He likes me to capitalize that so it sounds like, THE Incredible Hulk or Spiderman, Superman) lol just kidding, And I have 3 of my own kids that I love and are so great, then 2 just as amazing kiddos that I like to consider mine as well. What more can I ask for!? God is good and he truly is The provider!!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

So fast

Well, it is true. When you keep busy the time goes by so quickly. It is amazing. I picked up my kiddos tonight and even though they are a bit off of their normalcy's, they are home. I love them so much. Addy was beat, so Devan made hotdogs, they all showered and we put Addy to bed. Then Devan left and Jaden, Kyla and I watched Home Alone 2. Although it is a cheesy show, they loved it as much as I did when it came out. They laughed and wished they could think of the things that 'Kevin' thought of. It is so great to hear them laugh again and for them to be at home. I can't thank all of mt friends and family that got me through the month. As well as God who kept me strong when I didn't want to be and thought I couldn't be! Now on to the next trial.........

Sunday, July 11, 2010

A week

A week has gone by without my kids. I hate them being gone. I miss them terribly. I sit and see their stuff and I want to cry. I want to drive over to where they are and just hold them for hours. I want to cuddle with my babies and laugh with them. It is so hard to not have them and not have a choice of what is going on in their life. I think it would be easier to hear their voice whenever I wanted to. I know it is only 2 weeks, but it feels like eternity. And knowing that after not having them for 2 weeks, I only get a night and a weekend. then gone another 2 weeks. I want my kids to myself. But I do realize that they need a relationship with their dad. It is just that with his choices lately I worry about them more, knowing the things he is pulling and the careless way he can be.
Now if it wasn't for Devan and his kids being around this weekend I would have fallen into a major depression and hid from everyone. But I must go on and with God showing me that I can make it and showing me the ones who care. Thanks to my friends for taking me out and making the first week slide right by.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A break

Wow, First semester of full time school is over! I think I survived. I am still checking to see if I will ever catch up on sleep. I am excited for the break, sort of wish I had the energy to go summer semester but I don't, so This is the beginning of kid time! This summer is going to be all about my kids! Yes all 5 of them! Since I will have the other 2 from time to time as well. I am so excited to make a to do, to visit list and check it off this summer! Last summer was awesome, but it was about me, it was my time to heal and I have the best 2 friends anyone could ask for Aimee and Amy are my Angels. And this summer will just be an extension from last, only Amy is having a baby and so she will be home for most the summer and I can spend all the time I can with my sister!! Love her dearly!!

Aww a break is soo what i needed, then to catch up on the neglected housework since I started school.. Here it goes!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Keepin Busy

Wow, does life ever slow down? I am now midway through my first semester at the University of Utah! Wow, is there ever a ton of work. But I am staying up with most of it and loving that I am acomplishing something!

I am still dating Mr Incredible. Yes he is amazing, I feel as if I am truly, finally loved for me and now what I can be. I love just hearing his voice and seeing his smile! We have so much fun together. Then you add the grundle(that is all 5 kids together) and we have a blast. Making dinners, playing, watching movies! It is Fab!

Then there is work, I am still at K2 and I love it, but I am praying to see if maybe I need something a little less time demanding :( sad times, but I know I will make the right choice.

Well that is me and my crazy life!!!

Saturday, January 30, 2010


Oh how I love my kiddos! They really do make life so much more enjoyable! More stressful too, but the rewards are worth it. I sit and I watch them with each other and (most of the time) getting along and taking care of one another. Jaden is such a little man and just loves his sisters! Kyla is a bit on the jealous side but she is soo helpful and so goofy! Then there is Addy and she is just as sweet. She is talking soo much she repeats everything that we say, so cute.

Then I watch the kids with Devan and how much they get along with him and how much he cares for them. Which brings me to his kiddos. Chloe is 8. She is such a love bug. I just love having her here. She is fun to talk to and just fits with my other girls so much. And Aiden, Oh Aiden, What a stud. He is soooo lovable and cuddly. And he LOVE LOVES his daddy. Devan is so great with all the kids and making them all feel special in their own way.

Life is great!

Saturday, January 23, 2010


Wow, where do I start. It's hard to write after I have been crying, which I will get to why soon enough. Those of you that are divorced, single, ever been single will understand this: How many people have tried to set you up on dates. Ugh, Most of them never happen, and the ones that do, are terrible. Absolutely horrific. So when Kelli and Nick Schroeter told me I had to meet Devan, Nicks cousin, I said ok sounds fun. I love to meet new people, but honestly had no high hopes. I had heard it before. And I was enjoying being single. Seriously had a great time finding out who I was and having ME time, Stuff I didn't get when married. So it was Oct 30th at Joe Talbots Bday/Halloween party and they said we need to hook you guys up. The following Sunday, Devan added me on the infamous facebook! Telling Kelli that I looked familiar, so I emailed him and told him I knew his ex from Jr High and that I would see them at Tball games that their daughter and my son both played in. That started it, we talked over a couple of emails and then he gave me his number and I texted him on my way to work that following Tuesday. And from that moment I felt something. The texts were so easy to write, we had a lot in common he was almost too good to be true, but he was true. The following weekend, me and the girls got the Swine Flu..icky sticky. But Sunday evening he came over just to meet me. It was seriously instant. From the moment he walked up the driveway through the back gate my heart was melting.
We talked for an hour or so and then we saw each other every day that week and I think there may have been one day where we didn't see each other, until he left for Boston, for business. I fell in love with him faster that I had planned. Remember I liked being single, I was happy, having a good time, but I could not let him get away. He was the whole package. Everything any girl could want. He has 2 great kids who I love and I think they love me back, And my kids really like him and he treats them so great. Kyla has been sketchy but I think I have figured out why, again thanks to Devan telling me what he saw on the outside.
We spent Thanksgiving together, Christmas and New Years. Everything was flawless. It was so easy to be with him, he mixed so well with my family. We even drug him Black Friday shopping. We are almost to our 3 month mark and we just had our first argument. Mainly cause I am insecure and jealous. but I am working on that, I am consciencly going to make sure I am not saying things that I know have no grounds, I am gonna put my trust in God that he has brought me a man that is trustworthy, who loves me more than I have EVER been loved. He actually shows me that he loves me. By his actions, the way he treats me, looks at me. I hated this weekend fighting with him. But we are gonna be ok, I am gonna make sure I get better and show him that I love him just as much as he loves me.

Update on Me

Wow.. Really it has been since my soul searching trip in June that i have posted? Ok, too much has happened to update on all of it! So here it is in Readers Digest version. While in Az, I got on my knees and made my decision. Asking God what I should do and then making my choice and having God walk through it with me by my side. Wow, Can we say a sense of peace immediately followed. Not to say I wasn't hurting anymore, or that I was healed, Hell no. More like ready to move forward with my life. I was ok to be single, I deserved better and if that meant I did everything for myself than so be it! ;) So in July I filed for divorce. Can we say ick to the process. It would have taken longer if igorant parties hadn't been involved, but oh well, By 12/11/09 I was a divorcee! (not something I wish upon anyone, and not something I am proud of by any means) But when you have been so deeply hurt and you have emotional wounds that may never heal, then divorce was the best thing that could have happened.
So then there were a few guys I dated here and there, One was engaged..LOSER... What is with men.. So yes that was my first experience with dating again, Way to go Brooke, blah.. Then I had a few total losers, some that turned out to be great friends. And some that just won't go away.
Christmas was hard but I had great people around me to keep me positive. Like the new beau.. Oh yeah there is a man in my life, but he is on the next post, Yes he gets a whole post to himself!
2010 is my year. 2o09 was the worst year of my life, but it led me to an amazing man, making it the best year! Plus I have grown closer to my sister and brothers and my PIC Aimee, Love that girl!!