Saturday, June 6, 2009

A trip for the soul!

Well we just arrived at our destination in Tucson Az, to see my mom, my brother and his cute lil family. Can we just say it was so nice to just drive and get away. The kids were kids.. what do you expect. They wanted to know 32 times from Sandy to Kanab if we were in Az yet.. Little did they understand.. once in Az we still had a long way to go. But we are here.. We stopped in Flagstaff and after calling 8 hotels we called one who still didnt have vacancy but gave us one that did and we got their last room. Oh and the last 2 hotels we called.. Were the only ones who had friendly employees.. We know where we will stay from now on .. but....

I get to take this next week and pray and study and relax.. As well as have fun. Contemplating my life and what direction it should take. I think I know the majority of where it needs to go and with that I just need to make a plan of action. God be with me and those around me this week as I listen as closely as I can..(with the screaming of children in the foreground) as to what I should do and go frome here..