Sunday, February 6, 2011

More posts?

I really should blog more. My life could be in the soap opera hall of fame. I swear if my ex isn't yelling at me, then my kids are getting sick, or I am racing to find a parking spot at the U. It is seriously one thing after another. Right now I sit in my house, with my sweet boy and baby girl, because she is sick. Kyla is off being social like her mother used to be, but Addy has a silly little Virus in her mouth that is causing us to quarantine into the basement apartment we call home. She acts fine, she is so playful and fun. Silly as ever, running around being goofy. But when the meds wear off her poor mouth hurts and she cries. It just breaks my heart. So for the 4 of 5 days we are here. Thank goodness for family that is willing to watch her for a few hours a day so I can get to most of my classes. So far I am only missing one day and that is such a blessing. So for the first time I am home watching the Superbowl. Go Steelers!! Too bad it isn't the Niners or the Chargers.. oh well the Steelers will do! Just beat the Pack!! lol