Sunday, September 7, 2008

As Requested!

Ok here are some updated pics of Addy.. She is so sweet. She sleeps about 3 hours.. Yes that is all the sleep I get.. I am a little sleep deprived but I still LOVE having her here. The kids still love her and want to hold her and get in her face. Daddy loves her as well.. He gets up with her sometimes in the morning and lets me sleep a little. Not much but some!!

Here she is asleep.. more like passed out on Grammy's lap..
2 sets of 3 Generations... Kyla, Mommy, Addy and Grammy
Here she is asleep in Grammy's arms..
So there.. my 3rd child does get some pics taken. I had some done professionally at target and when I get those I will try and post them.. they are to die for!! Way Way cute!!!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008



Well the day is here.. Our baby boy has officially started kindergarten. The start of elementary, a stepping stone in the growing up phases.. He was sooooo stinkin excited. He sat for 20 minutes asking if we could go yet. Chris and I took him to school, when the bell rang they lined up against the wall, there were some kids crying, some looking a bit nervous, and some without a care in the world. They were all so cute!! Then in he went. And a shocker.. I didn't cry.. I think I would have if Chris was not there.. but I made it through... YAY MOM!!

( Look how much bigger he is!)

Then he got home.. Oh we was soo happy and loving his class, they played bingo, and made a spiderweb, had a snack and played at recess. He made a friend, Jaxon and is soo excited to go back tomorrow and EVERYDAY!!