Monday, August 2, 2010

Moving Forward

Well it has been 6 days since I found out my ex was taking the lead and gonna get married again. It is quite an interesting feeling to find out that type of news especially finding out second hand. Now I didn't need him to tell me or even expect him to call and get my blessing, but a simple text, email something, would have been respectful. Instead I get a phone call from a dear friend looking to find out if what she heard was true. Totally blind sided.. ugh, And not her fault by any means. But then, the emails, texts, phone calls start coming. Have you heard, we feel you should know, and the accusations about her, is she pregnant, is she making him... It is one thing after another. But hey, they will be married and that is that.

Now if you have ever been in this situation before, there can be a stream of emotion.
A- Hurt
B- Happy
C- Angry
D- Jealous
E- Sorry... for the girl

And many more, but they all come in at different angles over different things. I was soo mad at myself for being upset that it made me more upset. Angry even. But as I pray to God, I find myself thankful, that I have moved from that terrible situation, into the best situation of my life. Devan. He is giving, caring, loves me FOR ME! ( I know weird concept) I am so grateful that I have him in my life and plan on having him in my life forever.

Now the next question I am getting is when are you making the big step. My reply, when we know we are ready and can be committed to each other for EVER! I do plan on tying the knot one day and I believe that lucky guy ;) will be Devan. I can't see myself with anyone else but him. But we also want to be sure, and ready so that in 2 years we aren't divorced. If you jump into things, especially marriage, and you aren't ready it can cause a lot of problems.

So needless to say, I am happier than I have ever been, I have THE Most Amazing Man in my life ( He likes me to capitalize that so it sounds like, THE Incredible Hulk or Spiderman, Superman) lol just kidding, And I have 3 of my own kids that I love and are so great, then 2 just as amazing kiddos that I like to consider mine as well. What more can I ask for!? God is good and he truly is The provider!!

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