Thursday, November 7, 2013

Parent Teacher Conferences.. Ugh

Parent Teacher conferences...oi What a crazy night... I always schedule my son's appointment last knowing that it will usually take the longest. Not because he is worse than the girls, or anything, but he is more social than the other two and They usually have more to say about him. So I scheduled his appointment for 4:45pm and the girls at 4:00 and 4:15. In and out of the girls appointments just as planned.. a little late getting into one of them but that is typical. As I head to my son's appointment it is 4:40, I get there and she isn't just behind.. there isn't just one person standing there... there are 2 people standing there waiting for their turn and the other family just went in.. Oh it's gonna be a long night.. I figure I have at least 30 minutes until it's my turn. I forgot that Addy had dance at 5, so I race her to dance, and I go back, to sit, and sit and sit. Finally it is 6 pm, And almost my turn, but I have to leave to get Addy from dance.. Here we go.. I get back to the school 3 minutes after the person who was in front of me in line gets out. So now I am one back and have to wait some more.. She gets done and BOOM she takes some guy and his kid.. Ugh. Lady, I really want to go home to eat. I haven't been home since 8:20.. Yes, AM!! So here I am sitting in the hallway waiting, 2 more families show up, I better be next, She comes out.. and the lady who is sitting there with her son, and the school counselor, says that she is next. That she has someone waiting for her. I wanted to tell her that my kids hadn't eaten we had been there since 4, and we were tired. But I think that my son's teacher sensed I was tired and so done, and she took me in and I got a 10 minute meeting. 10 MINUTES!!!! Seriously.. I waited 2 hours for a measly 10 minutes, Everyone else had 20-30 minutes, I got 10?? Kind of felt jipped but I was ready to get out of there and didn't have the energy to keep talking. Not sure why everyone else took so long. I got the info I needed and even brought up a couple of concerns! Oh well! I guess I need to still work on my big girl voice... Next time I will do his first and be first on the list! 

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