Friday, November 8, 2013

Wow, God is so good. I had an amazingly productive day. It's amazing what I can accomplish in a day, A good gym workout, some cleaning around the house, then dropped off one child at a friends, hit the library, the D.I., Then the bank and costco.. Yeah, do NOT , I repeat, Do not go to Costco on a Friday, It is seriously worse than Saturday. I thought I was good and I don't think I have stood in a line that long for awhile. Yikes! Then J-man and I grabbed some frappucino's, and then ran to Smith's for a few other things. He was such a great helper, and man, we had fun. Riding on carts, and crashing into each other, tasting samples. And just chatting. My baby is getting so big. Anyway, I made him help me with the stairs that were covered in leaves. We didn't have tools, so we used a broom, and a cardboard box! Improvisation, Baby!!

Yep! Success! Thanks to my boy for the help! I seriously have the best kids in the world.

Then to an amazing meeting for church where God was so present all over it and made me feel as though I was me again, Worshiping God, socializing, staying and helping clean up and not worrying about anything other than showing people that they matter not just to God, but to me!!!

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